Scientist/Associate Scientist (Hybridoma platform)

Position: Scientist/Associate Scientist (Hybridoma platform)

Location: Shanghai

Job Summary:

This position will involve research in the area of antibody discovery, in which the researcher will be responsible for therapeutic antibody generation by hybridoma platform as well as support of EpimAb pipeline.


  1. Coordination of animal immunization.
  2. Hybridoma fusion and monoclonal antibody generation.
  3. High throughput antibody screening.
  4. Affinity ranking and measurement.
  5. Antibody characterization by functional assays.


  1. S. degree in biology, immunology, or other related major with 2+ years working experience, or Bachelor degree with 4+ years working experience.
  2. Good written and verbal communication skills in English.
  3. Experience in antibody screening by using ELISA, FACS, etc.
  4. Previous experience in animal immunization or automation platforms is a plus.

Contact: hr@epimab.com

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