Principle Scientist/Senior Scientist, Discovery Biology

Position: Principle Scientist/Senior Scientist, Discovery Biology

Location: Shanghai

Job Summary:

Principle Scientist and Senior Scientist with expertise in in vitro/in vivo pharmacology in oncology and immune-oncology, will provide scientific leadership and expertise to support multiple immunoOncology projects. The candidate must be competent to interact with cross-functional discovery project team. The person should actively strengthen the cancer immunotherapy pipeline through championing internal projects and managing/supporting collaborations with external partners.



  1. Design, execute and interpret studies on the development of biologic (bispecific antibodies) immunomodulators and immunomodulator combinations for the treatment of cancer using in vitro and ex vivo human immunology experimental systems.
  2. Work in collaboration with other team members in designing human immunology models to test new immumodulators also being tested in murine and other animal model systems
  3. Analyzes complex issues significantly improves, changes or adapts existing methods and techniques.
  4. Develops research solutions that require extensive analysis and detailed investigation.
  5. Collaborate effectively with other colleagues across the global organization, as well as manage external collaborations with various industry partners
  6. Present scientific results to multidisciplinary teams and senior management
  7. Develops new ideas, concepts and approaches for immunotherapy and project workflow
  8. Keeps on the look-out, develops, and incorporates when needed new assay technologies or platforms to expedite the research and improve data quality, reliability, and predictive value when moving to later stages of early clinical development


  1. PhD degree in a relevant scientific field (e.g. immunology, inflammation, cancer immunology, oncology), with a 2-3 years of post-PhD experience either in an industrial and/or academic setting is preferred
  2. A strong background in human cellular (tumor) immunology and immune regulation, preferably in the area of cancer immunotherapy, as evidenced by peer reviewed publications in top-tier journals, would be an important asset for this position.
  3. Experience with in vitro and ex vivo platform for evaluating the human immune tumor microenvironment, including but not limited to utilization of isolated primary human tumor/immune cell assays, CART cells, tumor explants, human PBMC assays.
  4. Hands-on experiences in development and deployment of functional assays using human cellular systems for drug discovery in highly desirable.
  5. Ability to conceptualize new ideas for immunotherapy and research assay tools
  6. Familiarity with human and mouse tumor models and mechanisms of anti-tumor responses with strength in the analysis of the activity of human innate and adaptive cell populations and measuring anti-tumor effector lymphocyte responses
  7. Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to interact effectively with people, internally and externally
  8. Team oriented work ethic and ability to work in cross-functional teams
  9. Outstanding presentation and interpersonal communication skills
  10. Ability to demonstrate effectiveness and growth in a fast-paced and dynamic team environment

Contact: hr@epimab.com

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