Fabs-in-tandem immunoglobulin is a novel and versatile bispecific design for engaging multiple therapeutic targets

Publication from Taylor & Francis Online:

In recent years, the development of bispecific antibody (bsAb) has become a major trend in the biopharmaceutical industry. By simultaneously engaging 2 molcular targets, bsAbs show unique mechanisms of action that could lead to clinical benefits unattainable by conventional monoclonal antibodies. Various bsAb generation formats have been described, and several are being investigated in clinical development. However, some bsAb constructs have proven to be problematic due to their unfavorable physicochemical and pharmacokinetic properties, as well as poor manufacturing efficiencies. We describe here a new bispecific design, Fabs-in-tandem immunoglobulin (FIT-Ig), in which 2 antigen-binding fragments are fused directly in a crisscross orientation without any mutations or use of peptide linkers. This unique design provides a symmetric IgG-like bispecific molecule with correct association of 2 sets of VH/VL pairs. We show that FIT-Ig molecules exhibit favorable drug-like properties, in vitro and in vivo functions, as well as manufacturing efficiency for commercial development.

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